Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pool Time

Let's just say I am getting a little tired of the pool this summer. Ethan on the other hand does not agree with me. In fact, any chance he gets he grabs his watering can and turtle and heads to the front door to tell me he's ready for a dip.

Ethan went to the pool with Grandma Patty tonight. She discovered that he can say the word "bubbles". He ran over to the fountain that was bubbling in the baby pool and said it. What a smart boy! It's fun when he learns new words and tries them out.

Here are a few pics of Ethan at the pool.

This last one is of Ethan and his buddy Rory. They had a great time together, as usual.

Ethan is loving the pool! My mom says I did too when I was a baby. She called me her "water baby." Ethan takes after me a little bit. :)

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