Monday, July 9, 2012


I admit it. I haven't posted in a looong time, but I have a good reason. I am a little addicted to Law and Order. I know. I'm a little late to this party. But it's on Instant Que on Netflix and I can watch it during Ethan's nap time with headphones. It's nice to think about something other than changing diapers and when will I finally wean this child? It's nice to get a mental break.

I have watched Seasons 5-8. That's almost 100 episodes. Addicted much? Now, it's going to have to slow down because Season 9 is no longer on Instant Que and I have to get Season 9 delivered in the mail. So, it's back to more reading and a little more blogging during nap time.

In my real life, where I am not friends with the clever police agents from Law and Order, and I don't help decide who and what will be prosecuted in the NewYork DA's office.... things are good.

I had a birthday last week and it was fun. Low key- just the way I like it. Jason and I joined a local gym and went out for dinner. Dumplings at Marco and Luca. Ethan stayed with Grandpa Tom and Granny Lucy. That was a nice treat for Ethan and for us. :)

This weekend was nice one. We hung out with lots of family and did a lot of laying around as a family. With the schedule that Jason keeps, he needs someone to tell him to rest sometimes. :)

Well, I hope you and yours are doing well... and if you happen to be into Law and Order. I won't judge you,  I would love to talk to you about it sometime! I read that Julia Roberts won an Emmy for her performance in an episode in Season 9. Can't wait for that episode.

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Working for Her Family

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  1.'re back!!!! I'm SO GLAD! THAT was a LOOOOONG dry spell for the followers of your blog. (I need to write a thank you note to NetFlix for not carrying Season 9 on instant que)
    Nice to see a new picture of Ethan & you too! He's growing a lot! And you look good too! Glad you had a good year is the big 3-0H! Another milestone coming your way. You have a year to prepare for it....!
    I have a year to prepare for my big 6-OH! My last year in my 50's. Hope it's good!
    So, keep up the blogging! I'm so happy you're back!


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