Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ethan Update

Ethan is changing so much these days! It seems like he learns so much each day. He is definitely a little sponge. He has started to babble all the time. He has been babbling for a while, but this is a whole new level of babble. He just goes on and on like he's carrying on a conversation. I have just been nodding and saying, "Tell me more about that. " Or something to make him think I understand. He can clearly say several words now-- duck, dog, ball, baby, Mommy, Dad, I do, door, and a few he's working on. He doesn't always use words to let you know what he's thinking, but it's very clear. For example, he might pick up a ball and run to the door and point at it. This means-- I want to go outside. He might push a book away and wave bye bye to it. This means- I don't want to read that one. He might run over to his high chair and point at it. This means-- I'm hungry or I want to watch Elmo. (Yes, he loves Elmo... but that is another post.)

His toys and activities are becoming more grown up as well. We recently purchased a new table and chair set for him, where he likes to color and do his puzzle. I've tried doing snack there and let's just say it was unsuccessful, we'll try again later.

He still loves his basketball goal and Dad recently helped Ethan improve his game with some visual perspective. Ethan didn't seem to notice.

He loves riding his Winnie the Pooh airplane and pushing his ball on it.

He has been throwing fewer and fewer tantrums as he learns to communicate. But when he does not get his way he sometimes bites or hits. It hasn't been the most fun part of toddlerhood for me. We're working on that too.

And the last big change is babyfood. About a month ago, I was still buying a lot of it and forcing Ethan to eat it because he was such a picky eater and I wanted to make sure he was getting enough food. The pediatrician suggested having a meal or two a day where I only offer him solid food. She said he would realize that the baby food was not coming and eat more to get full. She was right and now Ethan is eating almost no baby food. He does eat a cup of yogurt in the morning and a container of baby oatmeal or granola baby food before bed. He will only eat it if he gets his own spoon and puts the first spoonful in his mouth. Then, he will let me feed him. I am looking forward to the day when he can spoon the entire container in his mouth.

Ethan overall is doing well and keeping us busy and helping to make laughter a big part of our day.  We love him so much.

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  1. Great Pictures mom! Really enjoyed having a glimpse into Ethan at 15 mos! He's all "hands on" everything now! Love that smile!!!


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