Thursday, August 9, 2012


Now that Ethan is officially weaned, it is all about Daddy. It's like a he flipped a switch or something. One night, we did our usual routine of family hug and then Jason went to pass Ethan to me... as usual... and he refused to come to me. He only wanted Dad. So now at night, I sit on the floor while Ethan and Jason read together. Then we pray as a family and I kiss Ethan and turn out the light. And then Ethan lets his Daddy rock him to sleep. That's all the kid wants... his Daddy.

During the day, Ethan asks for Daddy about a billion times to which I reply- Daddy is at work. Ethan wakes up from nap asking for Daddy and anytime we go home from an activity, he wants to know if Daddy is there.  It's confusing to him that Daddy is home on the weekends but not during the week. It's a rough life for little Ethan- always wondering where his favorite person is. :)

I'm pretty sure Dad is eating it up. For 17 months it was all about Mommy. That's hard when you are working so hard to take care of and love someone. I'm glad it's Jason's turn. He deserves it. Plus, I needed a break.

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