Friday, August 10, 2012

New Words

Ethan has a very interesting vocabulary. The following is an attempt to remember all the words (and their translations) that Ethan says each day.

Woof, Woof (what a dog says)
Rear- in a squeaky tone (what a cat says)
Roar! (what a lion, bear, panda bear, tiger says)
Yaya (Elmo)
Can identify the letters I, M, Y, O, J, B, and sometimes D.
Boo (milk)
Ow! (That's hot!)
Wow! (That's amazing!)
Dees (Cheese)
Doo (Shoe)
Doo Doo! (what a train says)
Bee (pretty much any flying bug at this point)

And the newest word is... Beba (Grandpa).

Ethan babbles a lot. He kept saying "Beba" when Grandpa was around. We thought he was saying "BBall" for basketball. But, last night we figured out "Beba" was Grandpa. Jason was playing with him outside, and Ethan walked up to a truck that looks like Grandpa's and started pointed and shouting, "Beba! Beba!". Now this especially funny because Tom (Grandpa) has been adamant that he will be called whatever Ethan decides to call him. I don't think "Beba" was on his radar anywhere. Too funny.

If you watch closely, you can see Ethan call Grandpa "Beba".. and none of us get it. :) 
This was 4 days before we figured out what his new word meant. 

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