Friday, February 8, 2013

Musical Rooms

We have done the room switch for the kiddos. Here is what they look like now.

Ethan's Room

 Sister's Room

We had sister's room painted purple yesterday. It is really purple. We didn't realize it would be that dark. With Ethan, we picked out 3 sample colors and put them on the wall. Then we picked one. With sister, we were at Lowe's with Ethan shooting paint sticks into a bucket when we were picking out color samples. Our conversation went something like this....

F: I want to do purple. What do you think?
J: Sounds good.
F: This one is a little gray.
J: This one looks good to me. How dark do you want it? I like this one.
F: Ok. Sounds good. It's very purple and not gray. Good.
J: Let's go before Ethan starts attacking the paintbrushes.
F: Sounds good.

We didn't spend as much time picking the perfect color. :) But, I think once all the other stuff is in there, it won't be sooo purple. We'll get used to it. I think we're used to it being blue.

Ethan moved himself into his new room. Soon after we found out we were going to have another baby, we turned our guestroom into a playroom. We knew it would eventually be Ethan's room and we wanted him to like being in that room. I didn't think I had enough toys for a playroom. We bought a cute play tent at IKEA and put all Ethan's toys in it. It filled up pretty fast. :)

In the last 2 months we have been seriously moving stuff in to the playroom to make it a bedroom. We got Ethan a toddler bed and mattress. He helped Jason put it together. We put a sheet on it and he thought it was fun to jump on. We talked about how it was Ethan's new bed. He kept pointing at it and saying "E new bed!". We put our dresser that was in the guest room back in his new room and moved all his clothes into it. I cleaned out the closet and put his things in there.

The next weekend we put up the curtains in his room. Ethan decided that was the day he would move in. He went to his crib, stuck his little hand in, and one by one threw all his stuffed animals out. He picked them all up and put them on his new bed. He announced "E sleep in new bed!". At nap, I asked him if he wanted to sleep in his new bed or his crib. He ran and laid on his toddler bed. He has slept in it ever since.

We have had one awful night where he got up every hour wanting us. And a few rough nap times. But, for the most part he has transitioned really well. I'm surprised!

Now, I can fill the nursery with baby girl stuff and start to picture having a little baby in there again. It's getting close! I am excited!

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  1. YAY! So exciting! I love the purple :) I bet it's going to look adorable all put together, and you are going to love having a girl :) Congrats again!


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