Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ethan's Progress

Ethan will be 2 in less than 2 weeks. This year has gone by so much faster than his first year. I think it has something to do with him sleeping through the night and taking good naps. Being tired is so hard... and makes time drag by.

Ethan continues to amaze us with what he can learn. He has learned:

- the entire alphabet in uppercase letters
- most colors including pink, black, and white
- his numbers- can identify 1-10, can count 1-6 on own
- some shapes
- animals, etc.

He is talking so much now and putting 4-5 words together regularly. He refers to himself as "E". He'll say something like "E play stairs". meaning Ethan wants to play upstairs or downstairs. We can really understand what he is trying to tell us now. It's fun. Although he still does have meltdowns. We tell him that we can't understand crying and to try to use his words to tell us what he wants. That helps a lot. But, when we tell him no... it doesn't help. :) We usually tell him wait or we'll do that later. That helps. If he knows he's been heard and what he wants can happen at some point, he's pretty good.

He is still obsessed with basketball or any sport with a ball. He even likes golf. He loves to watch tv with sports on and will commentate the game. "Ball shoot! Ball miss! Kick Dooball! (football) Hit ball!" It's pretty cute to watch him watch sports. He stands right in front of the tv and watches it.

He will play basketball for long stretches of time. He can dribble 15 times in a row and dunk the ball on his little hoop. He's been working on his long shots lately and can almost make the shots from a fair distance. He has a hoop inside and one in the driveway.

He is also a very sweet kid. We have a Clifford book where Clifford is sad and so is Emily Elizabeth. Ethan talks about that part of the book all the time. If he is sad about something he will say "E sad!" and make a sad face. He's working on being compassionate. We're helping him with that.

He is sleeping in a toddler bed now. He's still wearing diapers and can't dress himself. He can feed himself and do a lot of things independently- like stairs.

I'm realizing that he's not my baby anymore. He's such a big boy. Probably good timing for me because we're about to have another baby soon!

I don't know why the pictures are turned and I can't get them to move. Sorry! Enjoy our little man. :) We do.

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