Friday, January 25, 2013

In the Running...

Jason is running for treasurer here in Charlottesville. He's currently acting as interim treasurer and working hard to keep his job.

When we met, we thought we were going oversees to be missionaries. But, the organization that we wanted to go with wouldn't let you go until you had been married in the states for a year.

Jason got a job as a teller at a bank. I got a job as an inner city middle school teacher. It was stretching to say the least. We needed a year of marriage before we made some big future decisions.

In that year, God taught us a lot about ourselves and what we thought "missions' should look like. I thought it meant going somewhere and doing something crazy different. God showed me it wasn't where you were, it was how you were. Abiding in Him, following Him, living to glorify Him. Our church had a term called "missional living". It meant you could be a "missionary" where you were. Just with your heart and mind set on Jesus. Living to please Him. Living to be in step with the Holy Spirit.

It was a little painful, but God was patient with me and showed me where He wanted us. He brought us back to Jason's hometown-- obviously Charlottesville. He continued to show Jason that Jason is gifted in handling finances and being a compassionate leader. God gave Jason a place he could do that-- the City Treasurer's office. Missional Living at work. At home. With friends and family.

Jason had his public announcement this week. It was fun to pray for him that morning and then meet him at his office with Ethan and pray over Jason before the event. I can see God preparing the way for us.

It's a tough journey right now though. Jason is a hard worker and is working on campaign stuff every night. He is compiling email lists, checking his fundraising efforts, working on mailers, meeting with local students, preparing to go door to door, etc. etc. It's a lot of work and things to organize. I am trying to do my best to help, but it is still a lot.

It would be wonderful to have some extra prayer during this time. I am super pregnant. We have a 2 year old. Jason is running for public office- with a special election date. April 2nd in case you were wondering. We'll have a new baby right around the time when he needs to hit the streets and campaign super hard. It's going to be a stretching time for us. Will you pray for us? We need it!

Thanks friends. Love you all!

Here's a little Ethan video for those of you who like seeing him in action. Jason and Ethan on working on their bowling skills...

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