Wednesday, March 25, 2009

missing home


I find myself missing "home" lately. Being away from everything I have ever known is hard sometimes. I can't even go from 29 to 250 to my house without getting lost- as I demonstrated to myself yesterday. I feel as though I am going uphill. Like I have relearn the basics of my surroundings. Not only do I get lost driving, I don't know more than a few cities in Virginia. I do not know where to get my car fixed if it needs fixing. I do not know where to take girlfriends for a girls night.

I think the hardest thing for me is missing friends and family. There is something to be said for being around people that have known you for a long time. I love the friends that I have made here, but I miss my best friends in Texas.

I know that Jesus is my friend and that He can fill every place that is void. But, there was a hint of Him in my friendships- a strong hint. It has been hard to leave that.

So, if you are reading this and wonder if I think about you or miss you and you live in Texas, the answer is yes.


  1. Aww, well I dunno if you're talking about me since I ain't one of those Dallas folks, but I miss you! I'll tell ya what! haha

  2. You are one of those people Mayra. I miss you girlie!


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