Monday, April 20, 2009

Blink- a book review

I finished the book Blink last night. It is written by the Nowells- our new friends- favorite author. His name is Ted Dekker. I must admit I was a little skeptical when I read the reviews for his books- he was compared to my favorite author John Grisham. Ted Dekker does a great job of weaving the story of something very unexpected to create a suspenseful action book. This book, Blink, was about a Muslim princess who runs to America to escape a marriage she is being forced into. She is chased and a brilliant American college student saves her using his ability to see the future. He is not a christian and later becomes one because of what he sees in his futures.

The book was a good read. It was hard to put down. The 2 main characters kept getting into precarious situations and it was fun to see how they would get themselves out of them. Some parts of the book were very predictable- the 2 main characers fall in love and that element thickens the plot a bit. I kind of saw the end coming though.

I especially enjoyed how the main characters came to the Christian faith in the book. It was through faith and how they saw God working around them. Seth- the future seeer- attributed his gift to the God of Jesus. And Miriam- the Muslim princess- saw that Allah was not helping her and his doctrine did not cherish her. The two main characters put their faith in Jesus and find a way out. That was cool. A reflection and weaving of the gospel in this book is what made it really good.

I don't know that Ted Dekker could replace John Grisham. I love how Grisham is so cynical and realistic. Dekker's books lacked that glimmer of realism. I have only read 2 Dekker books and look forward to reading more, but Grisham is still my favorite author.


  1. careful now. TD is Sean's fav author...not mine. :) I like John Grisham too. You know he's from Cville, right?!

    we should open a TD library though, seeing as how Sean owns every single book.

  2. I think a TD library is a great idea! I am just scared of messing up Sean's books....


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