Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good times

How sweet was it to visit Texas and see my friends and Ben- my brother. I needed some of those conversations- especially with Ben. I must say I missed Virginia though. I think I finally consider Charlottesville home. It's been 9 months, but I definitely feel that way now. Jesus has seen me through it all. He is my home.


  1. Yay!!! I'm so glad you joined the blogosphere! I will be adding you to my friends :)

  2. WHAT?!??! you have a blog?? ahem! hehe, totally kidding. but not really. ;)

    you're awesome. just thought you should know that. and now I have some blog posts to go read! yipee!

    d:no (aka dana)

  3. Hi! You stealthily joined the blogosphere but HA! We all found you. I can't wait to read your posts and keep up with details that I miss out on at church. When did you go home to Texas?!


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