Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I know I have been AWOL lately! The beginning of summer has been more busy than I thought!

My recent happenings:

-Teaching summer school
-Tutoring a 7 year old boy in reading
-Attending the annual Virgina Treasurer's Association Conference with Jason
-Keeping up with family birthdays, anniversaries and such
-Using our new Busch Gardens Season passes --thanks Patty! (Jason's mom)

Summer school has actually been a lot of fun. I am teaching one rising 5th grade class and one rising 6th grade class. The differences in their development is staggering. The rising 5th graders need so much more direction and smaller steps to complete a task. The rising 6th graders are much more independent and catch on very quickly. They each individually are at different places in their reading and writing, but as a group they are vastly different.

The boy I am tutoring is so fun. He has a mohawk and loves to skateboard. He has a lot of personality for a little guy. I have only met with him a few times, but thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with him. He loves Spiderman. I am trying to get him to read other things. He told me he wants to learn more about Martin Luther King, Jr. I like this kid! I already have a MLK book picked out for our next session.

I just returned from the Virginia Annual Treasurer's Association Conference last night. Start your calculators people! J/K. It was very interesting to see who different treasurers were and what their strengths were. It was also very interesting to see their culture. It was fun to try to figure it all out. Jason of course blended right in and loved several of the classes he went to. I'm glad he could be around people that understand everything he is talking about. I try but still don't understand everything.

One of the highlights of my week was getting to go to Richmond with Jason's grandparents to hang out with Jason's uncle, aunt, and 3 cousins. They are a fun group. Here are some pics....

Debbie and I

Jason and Andrew

John and David

David (Jason's uncle) and the three cousins--Debbie, Becca, and Andrew

John and Babs (Jason's grandparents) celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary

I will try not to be AWOL anymore. For all you wallpaper advice givers-- I appreciate your thoughts very much and have decided not to put it on the wall in our new house. :) Some of you have very strong opinions about wallpaper-- who knew?!

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