Monday, June 15, 2009

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I must admit I like to see what blogs other people are reading. Then it turns into me looking at the blogs that are on the blogs that people are reading. I found gold tonight. I laughed so hard. Click on older posts for more. This is hilarious. I think mostly because I am a teacher and I can relate. Kids are say things in absolute seriousness that is sooo funny.

This is one of my favorites...

Our librarian did a presentation for my class on a new, young author. He's only 10 or so and has already written 3 books: How to Talk to Girls; How to Talk to Moms; and How to Talk to Dads. After watching an interview with him and learning about the books the librarian appealed to my class for more "How to Talk to..." book ideas.

Student A: How to talk to strangers?
Librarian: I don't think it's a very good idea to be talking to strangers at all. Who else has an idea?
Student B: How to talk to robbers?
Mrs. Holt: Who are you people hanging out with?

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