Monday, June 1, 2009

Don't hate...appreciate!

You gotta love a man that loves his wife this much.

This article talks about how the Obamas have date nights often.

Nevermind the people that are all upset about how much it cost the American people. I am thankful for a President and first family that values each other. They are a great example of how to love your family with your time and actions. We need to remember that as a country.

The Obamas paid for everything but the plane. Some might argue that taking a trip to NY to see a Broadway Show is helping our economy. It is drawing attention to vacationing in America- putting American dollars in American hands. We should be looking for ways to support our local economies with our money, not buying things from other countries. (Do I sound like a politician yet? :)-- Did I mention I drive a Nissan?-- I'm not a very good politician.)

Plus, the Obamas love Five Guys. Yum.

I know that Christians are torn on what to think about this man. He has good views and bad. He represents us. Let's praise God for how Obama loves his family and pray for their family. We can ask God for wisdom on the rest. Jesus knows what He is doing- will we pray? I know I am!

1 comment:

  1. Agreed! This is one thing that we can certainly appreciate about the Obamas!


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