Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day in the Life

6:27 awake and get ready for school
7:30 arrive at school and start the day- check teacher box one last time, turn computer on, change starters and homework on boards
7:40-8:25 Homeroom and intervention for 6th graders
8:25-10:30 teach 2 classes
10:30 monitor children at recess- today I spent about 10 minutes helping a kid clean up his backpack after a pudding cup had exploded inside of it
10:50 eat lunch
11:10 get kids packed up from lunch and on to class
(yes- I have 20 minutes for lunch!)
11:20-12:15 teach 1 class
12:20-1:20 planning- today the teachers on my team and I conferenced with a student for about 45 minutes of that time
1:20-2:30 teach class
2:30-3:10 help calm a child who had a meltdown down and get her to an afterschool club
3:15 email 6th grade parents about upcoming test on Thursday
3:45 make copies for the rest of the week
4:10 update and turn in emergency sub folder to front office
4:45 chat with another teacher about Christ and our workplace
5:30 go home
7:00 Bible Study
10:30 home and go to bed

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