Sunday, March 28, 2010

Birthday Boys and a Broken Camera

All the Vandever/ Ringle men have birthdays within 1 week of eachother. Last weekend Jason's uncle and dad were up. We had a good time with them.

David (uncle) about to blow out the candles

David and the kiddos (Becca, Andrew, and Debbie)
We went out for pizza with David, Janet, the kiddos, Patty, John, Barbara, Jason and I. We had a great time. David had a punch sheet and got us some free stuff with all of his stamps from each time he has been. We had a lot of fun figuring out what we could use. The food was really good too. :)

The next day it was Tom's turn (Jason's dad).

Tom blowing out his candles.

Lucy made a fantastic peanut butter cake from scratch and we played a murder mystery dinner game. I gave Lucy the link to a website that Alison (of Hansen Happenings to the right) had posted from a game she had played with some friends. We didn't dress up like Allison's group did, but we had fun playing the murder mystery game. It had a very unexpected ending.

Today, was John. (Jason's grandpa)

John with all the grandkids (Jason, Becca, Debbie, Andrew, and a picture of Justin)

John turned 79 today and his lovely wife Barbara made a spice cake which she has done every birthday for many years. I like the tradition because the cake was fabulous! We had a great time.

The bad news is I sat on our camera and broke it. The lense won't pop out now. I hope the camera shop can fix it! So, I may not have any new pictures for a while.

We have another lull before the next round of birthdays hits in July. Faith- July 2, Jason- July 12, Barbara- July 13, My mom- July 15,( our 5th wedding anniversary- July 16), and Patty- a few weeks later on August 13. Whew! What was happening 9 months before July. Mabye I shouldn't ask that question. :)

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