Saturday, March 6, 2010

Democratic Party Pasta Supper

Yup, this is where I am going tonight. Jason and I help Jennifer take the money at the door. It's actually pretty fun. It reminds me of when I worked at the customer service booth at Kroger in high school.

Last year was an election year. One of the 7 candidates running for liutenant governor came up to the desk and asked if her name was on the list. I asked her for her name so I could  check. She got so upset. She acted like I should have known her name! I hope that doesn't happen to me again this year. I can't keep up with every nominee for every office. Tom (Jason's Dad) said she should have introduced herself and told me who she was and what she was running for-- to make a good impression. I agree. She didn't win. Go figure.

All the city councilors make a type of pasta. The people in attendance sample their dishes and put money in the jar of the councilor that made the best. The councilor with the most money at the end of the night wins. Last year it was Dave Norris. It's usually someone that is up for reelection. It's how the people of the party show their support.

The party is nice because people are friendly. But it feels like there are alterior motives sometimes, which I'm sure there are. That's just the nature of politics. When we left last year, I told Jason I felt like I had just been to a church supper, where everyone was picking sides. :) I guess that's what you do in politics!

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