Sunday, March 21, 2010

For my Mom

My Mom lives in Houston and has not gotten to visit our new house yet. She has asked for some pictures of the house on the inside. Here you go Mom!

Living Room

New Table

Guest Bathroom

Guest Bedroom
Our Bedroom
 I didn't realize how messy our kitchen was until I saw them on camera. Oh well. I love you Mom, and can't wait until you see it in person. :)


  1. I LOVE everything, but I particularly love the kitchen (I dream of having a big kitchen like that one day), hardwood floors, and kitchen table! Everything looks great!!!! Nice job decorating :)

  2. Beautiful!! You are a wonderful decorator! Don't ask for pictures of my house!!! (piles of things all over....)Your home looks clean and cozy & new! I like your curtains in the LR. I never thought of doing curtains like that. It's very effective & pulls the room together. Are you sure you didn't take some classes in Home Interior Decorating while you were at SFA?! Jason is a blessed husband!!


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