Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 14th? and some new jams

The answer to the poll is -- Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth. He did not die until the next day- April 15th, 1865. Only 6 days after the end of the Civil War. How different would our country have been if he had not died? Would Jim Crow Laws have found their way into our politics? Would freedman have had better rights? Would Robert E. Lee have been able to run for political office? I wonder.

There is no question about the character of Lincoln. He was not perfect but he perservered well through one of the hardest times of our country's history.

Switching gears. I am looking for some new music on I-tunes. I got some recommendations from Ms. Mayra Conejo. I have checked out Aaron Shust per her request and although I enjoy his voice, I think I need something more in your face. I like Lacrae. I think he is a definite download. I was disappointed by Kirk Franklin's newest album. But I usually LOVE his music. David Crowder is a little too techno on his new album. I love Fred Hammond's voice, but don't think I could listen to his album. It's a little cheesy.

I'm getting tired of Christian Radio. I know it has a good heart, but I can't handle some of the cheesiness sometimes. Is anyone else with me?

So, if you have any recommendations of some new stuff that you love, holla at me. In the meantime, enjoy some Lacrae...

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