Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sarah's Key

I am  working it out. My lack of reading good novels lately. I just finished a second book and started a third. I won't tell you what the third one is yet, but the second was called Sarah's Key.

The book is set in 2 time periods- 1942 and present day. The chapters alternate back and forth between time periods, creating times of suspense at key moments in the stories.

Sarah is a Jewish girl who is arrested and taken away with her family during WWII. All of her family, except for her brother, that she hid and locked in a cupboard. Sarah's plan is to return in time to save him without her brother being arrested.

The other main character is a French woman who moves to Paris and while she and her husband are renovating their Paris apartment, a story of Sarah's family comes out. This woman digs into the past to uncover the truth of what happens.

The book is well written with the dualing plots intertwining and impacting the series of each one's events.

I will not tell you what happens, but I will say it was very good. I read it in just a few days. It is a quick, easy read that will make you want to take a longer look at how the past can effect us today.

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