Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mmm Holiday Recipe

I love mushrooms. I know that there is a significant part of the population that would disagree with me. I will admit they have a rather sponge like consistency and absorb any flavor they are combined with. Some people don't like how they burst their juices in your mouth after they've been cooked or have to be chewed a few times when raw. I love it all.

I made some mushrooms to take to a housewarming party last night and they were not a hit. I ate almost all of them because I love them so much. I don't think the people there were mushroom people. I did take the leftover filling and served it with crackers. This was a big hit. The filling is amazing- I just don't think people appreciated it inside a baked mushroom.

In the off chance that you are a mushroom person, here is the recipe. If you are not, you could make the filling and serve it with crackers.

2 cartons of bite sized mushrooms
1 tube Jimmy Dean mild sausage
1 block of 100% real cream cheese
some pancake syrup


Brown the sausage
Squirt some syrup into cooked sausage- mabye 1/4 cup
Add cream cheese
Stir until melted


Destem mushrooms
Clean by using wet paper towel and wiping off dirt- if you rinse them in a dish drainer they will absorb too much water and become slippery
With a small spoon, fill each mushroom with filling and place on a baking sheet or pyrex dish
Cook for 20 minutes in a 350 degree oven

Serve leftover filling with crackers.


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