Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pregnancy Dreams

The rumors are true. You do have the strangest dreams while pregnant. Mabye it's the hormones, mabye it's the fact you get up several times a night to empty your bladder, mabye it has something to do with feeling a new person all the time but not officially meeting them yet. Whatever the reason, I have been having the strangest dreams lately.

Here is one of my favorites. In my dream Dana Nowell (blog on the side blogroll) came to visit. In real life, she just had a little boy a few months ago. In my dream she brings her little boy to visit and his name is Little Buddy. All she wants to do is take a nap- with me and Little Buddy. So we both lay down with Little Buddy between us. While we are sleeping, she rolls over Little Buddy, me, and falls on the floor. She wakes up and makes tea. Then she wakes me up. We sit down for tea and she says she forgot something. So, she and Little Buddy walk down the street-- yes a 4 month old walking-- to her car. They get in and drive off. End of dream.

Every time I get up to go to the bathroom and come back to lay down, my dream changes to something new. So the good news is that they don't last long. Some of them are really weird.

I am looking forward to:
*Being comfortable when I sleep
*Sleeping on my stomach again
*Not getting up to go the bathroom
*Being able to breathe when I lay on my back
*Having this baby in my arms instead of carrying it around in my belly :)


  1. You look so great, Faith! I'm so happy for you both, and I know you will be a great mommy!

  2. hahahaha, that's hilarious!!! too funny that I just called you today too. Well, Little Buddy may not be able to walk, but he's 16 pounds...that's normal for a 6 month old, not a 3 month old! my arms are getting a workout. You have so much to look forward to, but don't think you won't be getting up in the middle of the night, hehe. Instead of bathroom runs, you've got 30 min feedings. It's so much fun though!
    I do like to take naps too...I had a dream that I was going to birth a cat when I was preggo.

  3. I can so understand the sleeping on your stomach thing! That was always one of the hardest things about being pregnant for me. I practically cheered out load that first night in the hospital when I rolled over on my stomach.


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