Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So I'm not as techie as I thought because I can't get this photo to rotate. But nonetheless, here is the progress of my baby bump as of Saturday night. Big I know. Gigantic I know. 2 weeks until he comes. Momma is ready.

I have had a pretty easy pregnancy and some of the more uncomfortable symptoms have shown up just in the last month. Those include- cankles, swollen everything pretty much, back pain- especially on the left side, throbbing feet, the ability to only wear a few pair of shoes because of swollen feet or comfort, fatigue, so thirsty!, so hungry!, nesting urges, trouble sleeping and being comfortable, getting up every few hours at night to use the restroom and think- really that was it?, and a few more personal ones.

There have been some positive emotional "symptoms" too. The biggest one for me is how close I feel to Jason. I know we are in this together. It's fun getting to see how he cares about me and his soon to be son. Last night he wanted to talk about holding the baby with 2 hands. He wanted us to carry him carefully. I assured him that I have held many babies before and have not dropped one. I asked if he had ever held a baby- he said Lavinnia. (Our friend's first child). We then recalled a time when she fell off the couch when he was supposed to be watching her. :) Hilarious. She survived though. I told him that our kid will probably survive too if something unexpected happens to him. I think parenting with Jason is going to be really fun. He is a good guy and it will be fun to see him loving our little boy.

2 weeks to go. I am ready to be rid of some of these symptoms. Bring on the baby!

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