Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Epidural- the good, the bad, and the ugly

The good... for 8 1/2 hours of my 12 hour labor I felt nothing and could even sleep.

The bad... Ethan came out with his head sideways. I almost had to have a c-section but in the end had an episiotomy and a vacuum was used to pull little man out. According to my doctor, if I had not had an epidural I could have labored in some different positions to get his head to turn.

The ugly... my left knee is still numb. 9 weeks later I still have numbness. It was very numb right afterwards, but it has been tingly and itchy and recovered some feeling. I still have a band of numbness right above my left knee-- it feels funny when I shave. The nuerologist said my nerves could be bruised, much like skin bruises and it may take a little while to get feeling back. He wants me to come in and see him if it doesn't go away.

In hindsight, I think I would do it again. My labor at the beginning was so painful. My contractions were about 30 seconds apart. I think that was worse than the actual labor part. Now, if I had to have a c-section I may be telling a different story right now. I think I would rather have natural labor than major surgery.

Thank goodness we ladies only have to go through labor a few times in our lives!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Faith! I'm hearing over and over and over that when all is said and done the mothers are glad they had the epidural. I don't think I want to battle that intense pain. It's also nice not to be looked down upon all the time by women who don't take meds. I read some good advice about having your first one in a hospital under a doctor's watch and then for your subsequent births you can make a more informed decision because you sort of know what to expect. So much to consider.


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