Monday, April 23, 2012

Story Time

Warning: The content of the post may be extremely boring to you if you do not have a small child who attends a library for story time.

Ok, can't say I didn't warn you.

Ethan and I attend story time each week in our little city. Our city has a wonderful network of libraries. You can check out something like 30 books at a time, they have lots of kid's story time classes , and they have great hours and locations. I love a good library- I worked in our school library before and after school in middle school and loved it. I would absolutely love to be a librarian or a story time person. I think those jobs seem like a lot of fun.

That being said, story time is important to me. I want Ethan to enjoy reading and since I stay home with him, going to story time is a great way to foster a love of reading. We started going to story time when he was about 7 months old. It was a crawler story time. The girl who led it was amazing. She did a great job keeping the kid's attention and picking great books for our time together. Ethan and I (mostly I) sing those songs often and have added some of her book picks to our home library.

When Ethan was able to walk and had a change in nap time, we switched our story time to the walkers class. The lady at our branch who does walkers is not that animated. She reads 2 stories and sings a few songs- while most of the kids are walking around the room not paying attention. She is a really nice lady and seems to really love the kids and doing story time. Plus, there is about 30 minutes of play time at the end that Ethan absolutely loves.

Moms talk. And many moms told me about this lady at the Gordon Ave branch who is, "just amazing!", "is really animated" ,"has funky hair", and " is really teaching my kid a lot". I had to check this out. It is free after all. So, Ethan and I went to Gordon today. We walked into this smallish room with no windows lined with chairs in the basement.... and there were about 30 kids with their moms. Not kidding. It was crazy. The lady was very high energy. She danced with the kids, read to the kids, had little name tags for the kids, blew bubbles. She was fantastic. The moms I talked with were right. She was all of the things she said and more.

The only thing is- I didn't like it as much. I can't quite explain it. The parking was awful, there were so many kids, and the class was short (although there are longer ones you can "enroll" in). I found that I like my "boring", smaller story time in a room with windows and a smaller group of kids. Where the teacher knows my face and Ethan's name, and Ethan can direct his own play during the class.

I think I will stick with my local branch and save Gordon for when Ethan is older or when we need a change. Right now, Ethan and I are happy with our story time choice.

Mom at our local library with Ethan on Halloween.

Crawlers story time at our local branch.

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  1. I had forgotten that you worked at the library in the summer! You DID love that job! Brandi would be high-five-ing you on that! You are SUCH a good mom! I am a blessed Grandma! Thanks for taking such good care of my little Ethan-boy! He's a love!


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