Monday, October 18, 2010

Marriage 101- Insight #2

Looking at my picture at the top of this blog makes me miss my thin self. I love that there is a person inside me but I miss fitting into all my normal clothes.... :)

Ok, back to what I have learned about being married.

Insight #2

I always say the best class I took in college was one I did not intend to take. I had to take a kinesiology class- so I signed up for what I thought was flag football. You know, get some excercise, get college credits, it sounded like a perfect plan. Until I realized that my class was meeting inside the football building and not on the football field. I had actually registered for a class for future football coaches. The class required a background knowledge of the actual rules and game of football. The meat of the class was how to improve your future team's game and how to be a good coach.

I needed to learn about football and fast. I got a guy friend of mine who was obsessed with football to tutor me. I worked hard and got an A.

Although I am not a football coach today, the things I learned in that class have greatly helped my marriage. I learned to love football--which is something Jason loves.

One thing I have learned about marriage is that you should find at least one thing that both of you love that you can do together. It will strengthen your friendship, which is a huge part of being married.

In our case, football has been one of those things. We are both in fantasy leagues. We love to watch the games on Sunday and Monday night. We even went to several Redskins games together last year. It has been so much fun to debate who the best quarterback or running back is.

If I had not taken that class and fallen in love with the game of football, I may not have been able to enjoy all that with Jason.

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